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My Umbrella - Black Heron

by *Jamie-MacArthur

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Black Heron (Hydranassa ardesiaca) by CaboNed

Distinctive feeding posture of the black Heron, wings shading head. This way he uses his wings to reduce reflection of the sun in the water!

(Personal note: NIGHT TIME!!! eheheheh)

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Undercover hunter

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The Black Heron also known as the Black Egret,  is found south of the Sahara Desert, including Madagascar, and prefers shallow open waters, such as the edges of freshwater lakes and ponds. 

The Black Heron has an interesting hunting method called canopy feeding— it hunches over and spreads its wings just like an umbrella, thereby creating a shady patch to block sunlight allowing them  to see better. It also lulled fish into a false sense of security by making them think that either night has fallen or the shady area is a safe refuge [x].

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The #Black Heron also known as the Black Egret,  is found south #animals #gif…

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"The power of the mask made him do it.  It was too much for the Skull Kid to handle."

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This newest fad of SJW’s trying to discredit anti-SJWs by claiming they’re anti-SJ is ridiculous. All of the ones I know, including myself, are very much for equality, no matter who you are. Asian, black, hispanic, white, gay, trans, bi, ace, straight, female, male,…

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All scan pages of Hyrule Warriors!

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no need for a requiem
my heartbeat is a sad song

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140629_283_IMG_1455 (by oda.shinsuke)